About Us: Get to know the crew!

Who We Are

We’re recent grads who wanted to make it easier to find great merchants catering to students, offering discounts, and supporting the causes we care about. Merchant opportunities aren’t transparent enough, and we’re here to fix that.

What Do We Do

We bridge the gap between students and nearby merchants. By making discounts much more accessible and providing curated suggestions we aid the merchant discovery process in a user friendly way.

What’s Next

Bringing Student IDeals to all 34 million US college and HS students. We’re starting our roll out in Washington DC this fall. After that, we plan to expand nationwide.

Meet the Student IDeals Team

Founder & President | Founder & Chairman | EVP

Thanks to everyone who has helped along the way.

Advisory Board

Pictures are worth thousands of words. Get to know us even better through our Kickstarter Video and Blooper Reel below.

Kickstarter Video

Blooper Reel