Not Your Mama’s DC

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Not Your Mama’s DC

So you’ve live in DC and have hit all the stereotypical “I live in DC” spots — The White House, the Smithsonians, the monuments. You’ve seen it all right? WRONG! Take a step on the road less traveled and visit these attractions that never get enough attention. Forget being a tourist and start acting like a local–who knows, you might end up with a cool story for Grandma at Thanksgiving.



Smithsonian Who?

This is a PSA: you can find great art not located on The Mall.



Needles in the Haystack

Be careful, it might just hurt how much you like these places.


Random Fact of the Day

Although the Bobcat is rarely seen, it’s the most common wildcat in N. America


SID Staff Picks

-Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens: You’ll forget you’re even in DC 
-Chinatown Express: Authentic Chinese handmade noodles for under $10
-The Pug*: A true dive: cheap beers, good friends, and some grime
- The National Building Museum: There’s no other like it. Save $3 as a student.


* – Must be 21+. Please Drink Responsibly.

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