How Does the App work?

  • Students can search and discover businesses based on interest, location, or time of day.
  • Students redeem their discount by showing a valid student ID to you, the merchant.
  • Students can seamlessly share deals and their experiences to friends within the app and via social media.

Why should I offer a student discount?

  • A discount is a great way to attract students to your business.
  • As a group, college students think differently than your ordinary customers, and they spend significant amounts (over $400 billion annually in the US).
  • Our FREE service connects you with over 450,000 DC area college students, soon to expand nationwide.
  • All you have to do is offer a student discount, we suggest 10% off or more, and your business is eligible to be listed.


What are the benefits of signing up?

  • Lower advertising costs by creating a free business page.
  • Increased student traffic as students typically travel in groups of two or more.
  • Turn occasional student traffic into regular customer interaction.
  • The ability to create new promotions or deals to highlight specific products.
  • Increased basket size of purchases resulting from the discounts.
  • The opportunity for increased digital promotions.
  • A never ending supply of customers — every year brings a new batch of student consumers.

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