Brace Yourself for Dad Jokes

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Brace Yourself for Dad Jokes

It’s parents weekend and, besides Dad jokes, that means a few things. First, your taste buds are in for a treat (hopefully on your folks)! Second, you need to demonstrate their tuition dollars are doing more than making you a lite beer enthusiast. Lastly, you are responsible for showing them a good time in your college town. So, if needed, hide the handles and Febreze your room… the parents are coming (Insert Ned Stark winter is coming meme here)



Make the Most of Meal Time

You pick the place and they pick up the bill – a match made in heaven.



Burst Your College Bubble

The best things to do with your parents when the local bar won’t quite cut it.


SID Staff Picks

- Hillwood Estates: Explore a hidden gem in the heart of NW
- Union Market: Lots of food options in a great open-air market setting
- Underground Comedy @ The Kennedy Center: Free Admission, Lots of Laughs
- Classic DC Restaurants: Don’t leave DC until you eat like a Washingtonian

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